The REALTOR® platform for Mortgage Lenders that has helped close and fund over $21 billion in REALTOR® referred purchase business now introduces our Next Generation REALTOR® Platform:

America’s Real Estate University

Let America’s Real Estate University be your partner and together we will bring something so unique to REALTORS® that brokerages will be talking about YOU and your company and inviting you to their events, to be their mortgage partner and go-to LO!

America’s Real Estate University is for Mortgage Branch Managers who want to clearly differentiate themselves in the minds of REALTOR® referral partners by speaking about things that directly impact the business of the REALTOR®.

America’s Real Estate University is an invitation only teaching, training and coaching platform, 10 years in the making.  We have impacted the personal production, income, careers and lives of tens of thousands of associates across the country. Perhaps you will be next?

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AreU looking for a unique way to get in front of not only REALTORS®, but have the ability to get in front of entire brokerages?

Teaching, Training, Coaching, and Certifications. It's all under one roof, free from any charge and with no obligation. REALTORS® call us the Kahn Academy of Residential Real Estate.

America’s Real Estate University is sponsored by Mortgage Companies and Title Companies across all 50 states. We help mortgage companies leverage referral relationships with Real Estate Professionals. AreU is an invitation only, RESPA compliant "turn- key" differentiator for our mortgage partners. AreU is offered exclusively through sponsoring mortgage companies on a state-wide exclusive basis.

Click Here For A Brief Presentation On How To Double, and Even Triple Your Production

Small Sampling Of Some Of Our Classes

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Develop A Top Producing Mindset!

    Why do 5% of the agents do 95% of the transactions in nearly every market in the Country? Over the last decade...

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Take A Surge of New Listings In an Ultra-Low Inventory Market!

    The competition is hot for listings, and the one place you don't want to be is trailing behind the pack...

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Become A Listing Boss and Make Your Competition Irrelevant!

    You'll discover a totally different approach to standing apart from your competition and how to execute the approach years before...

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Become A Post-Covid Selling Machine

    Learn how to use digital presentations, and Virtual technology to Quadruple your Presentations and Positioning. Everything...

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Most Untapped Niche in Real Estate

    Step-By-Step System For Getting More FSBO Listings With a Proven Process That Makes It Virtually Impossible For Prospects To Tell You “No”...

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Are You Business Planning?

    I'm going to show you how to build a vehicle to fund your life. You need to know what the plan is in order to accomplish these things...

  • 66829458_427228601337992_822936075737707

    Consumer Credit for Real Estate Professionals

    Your Real Estate Agents are not all trained on how to help a credit challenged consumer.  With an absence of education...

Teaching, Training, Coaching, and  Certifications. America's Real Estate University

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